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Resting Between Sets

Resting Between Sets: Muscle Building Workout

Your body consumes a lot of the energy during typical resistance training. The energy comes from the Adenosine Triphosphate Phosphocreatine system. The ATP-PC system uses phosphagen to produce energy and without the use of oxygen.

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machines or free-weights

Machines or Free-weights: All You Need to Know

Free weights stimulate more muscles than machines and are thus ideally suited to muscle building in the long run. However, at the end of the workout, when your muscles are exhausted and your form struggles, machines are better and will help you continue your training safely.

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The hypertrophy phase

The hypertrophy phase: How to Perform It?

Muscular hypertrophy can be attained by weightlifting in the gym. But in order to see growth, you need to constantly break down and challenge muscles. Protein-rich diets are also important for muscle growth.

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proper warm-up

A Proper Warm-up: How to Perform properly?

You know how important it is to stretch and cool down at the end of the workout, but it’s also important to warm up well before you exercise. A warm up does that it’s keeping your body warm and ready to work out.

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muscular hypertrophy

Muscular Hypertrophy: How Does it work?

Muscle hypertrophy is the term for growth and increase in the size of muscle cells. While the hypertrophy mechanism is the same for everyone, the outcomes are likely to be different, even in people doing the same workouts.

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