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L-Tyrosine Supplements for Erectile Dysfunction

L-tyrosine supplements are believed to treat erectile dysfunction. People with erectile dysfunction have difficulty getting erect or remaining upright.

Therefore, various factors, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and clogged arteries, can contribute to erectile dysfunction.

It is often a problem that increases with age, most noticeably as a man enters his 50s. Erectile dysfunction can occur in younger men, but is often the result of injury or surgery.

L-Tyrosine May Reverse Erectile Dysfunction

A study published in 2015 showed that L-tyrosine supplements may reverse neurological erectile dysfunction symptoms in rats (1).

It had therapeutic effects on erectile dysfunction and disorders of sexual behavior. Although the results are positive, the details are missing.

The study involved small-sized mice and focused on erectile dysfunction.

Although researchers continue to test tyrosine’s ability, there are things you can do right now to help ease erectile dysfunction’s effects.


Men with erectile dysfunction should get plenty of exercise, besides making dietary changes (2).

Research has shown that some people will undergo aerobic exercises to reduce erectile dysfunction symptoms (3).

Thus, men who are heavy and have erectile dysfunction should start exercising.


Certain dietary solutions include foods rich in lycopene. Tomatoes and olive oil are rich in lycopene (4).

Watermelons are said to have a Viagra-like effect, but solid research does not support these claims.


Daily consumption of caffeine might be a start.

A study found that men who drank 2-3 cups of coffee a day were less likely to have problems related to erectile dysfunction (5).


Foods that are high in nitrates are often recommended for those with erectile dysfunction. Nitrates influence the circulation of the blood (6).

That can improve the circulation of blood in the penis by increasing nitric oxide levels (7).

Men who take Viagra (sildenafil) to treat their erectile dysfunction should not take nitrates. Therefore, the combination might cause fatal heart problems, according to research (8).

Side Effects

There don’t seem to be too many major side effects associated with tyrosine supplements. However, there are not enough studies to prove that tyrosine is safe for everyone (9).

If you experience side effects you didn’t have before starting L-tyrosine supplements, stop taking them and immediately contact your doctor.


When you think you have erectile dysfunction, immediately talk to your doctor.

While erectile dysfunction alone is problematic, it may also be a symptom of a more serious condition.

Please let your doctor know before you take any L-Tyrosine supplements for erectile dysfunction.

Naeem Durrani BSc
I am a retired pharmacist, nutritionist, and food system expert. My interests include medical research and the scientific evidence around effective wellness practices that empower people to transform their lives.


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