Losing Facial Fat: 8 Most Efficient Tips

Chances are your cheek chub is cute, and it’s a key part of how you look! But if it worries you, try some of these changes.

However, losing fat from a region of your body, particularly facial fat, can be a challenge on its own.

Luckily, there are many strategies that can boost fat burning and help slim down your cheeks. Here are the eight most efficient tips for losing your facial fat.

1. Do Cardio Exercise

Extra body fat can usually lead to an increase in facial fat. Therefore, losing some weight can make both your body and face slimmer.

Cardio is one of the most effective weight loss tool. Multiple studies show that cardio exercises can help burn fat and boost weight loss.

A review of 16 studies showed that people who performed regular exercise experienced greater fat loss.

Running, walking, biking, and swimming are some common examples of cardio exercises (1, 2, 3).

2. Drink Much Water

Drinking a lot of water is important for both weight loss and general health. Drinking water with breakfast reduced calorie consumption by 13%, according to a small study of 63 adults.

Another study showed that drinking water improved metabolism momentarily by 24%.

Increasing the number of calories you burn throughout the day can help with weight loss. Also, staying hydrated will reduce the bloating on your face (4, 5).

3. Perform Facial Exercises

Facial exercises improve appearance, fight against aging, and make your face look slimmer. Some of the most common exercises are swallowing your cheeks, pushing the air side by side, and puckering your lips for several seconds at a time.

Although there is no scientific evidence that these exercises help you lose facial fat, one study showed that they may tone your facial muscles, which may also help you lose facial fat.

Another study showed that doing facial muscle exercises twice a day for eight weeks enhanced slimness and facial stimulation (6, 7, 8).

4. Avoid Refined Carbs

Refined carbohydrates are the main cause of weight gain. These carbohydrates have been heavily processed, and their beneficial nutrients and fiber have been extracted.

The lack of fiber in refined carbs increases their absorption, which can lead to blood sugar spikes and a greater risk of overeating.

An extensive study of 42,696 adults ‘ diets over a five-year period shows that a greater intake of refined carbohydrates can increase the accumulation of belly fat.

While studies on refined carbohydrates and facial fat are limited, switching to whole grains can help boost general weight loss and may also help you lose facial fat (9, 10, 11).

5. Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

The consumption of alcohol is one of the primary causes of increased facial fat and bloating. Alcohol is high in calories but low in nutrients, which can cause weight gain.

Keeping your alcohol intake under control is the best way to avoid facial bloating.

Moderate drinking is up to two drinks a day for males and up to one drink a day for females (12, 13).

6. Limit Your Sodium Intake

Excess sodium intake can cause bloating, which can lead to facial fat accumulation and inflammation.

This is because sodium causes your body to keep additional water, leading to water retention.

Some studies have shown that greater sodium consumption can boost water retention, particularly in individuals who are more susceptible to salt effects.

Processed foods represent approximately 77% of the average diet’s sodium consumption, so reducing savory sweets and processed meats can be a simple and efficient way to reduce your sodium consumption (14, 15, 16, 17).

7. Sleep Well During the Night

Sleep deprivation can cause a rise in cortisol, a stress hormone with a lengthy list of side effects, including weight gain.

Studies have shown that high levels of cortisol may boost appetite and change metabolism, leading to increased storage of fat.

Therefore, proper sleep can help you shed extra pounds.

According to studies, sleep deprivation can boost food consumption, trigger weight gain, and reduce metabolism.

However, strive to sleep for at least eight hours a night to lose facial fat (18, 19, 20, 21, 22).

8. Eat high-Protein Food

Protein is the most important macronutrient for weight loss, as it can help you lose fat and maintain lean muscle mass.

It also helps you feel fuller, so you don’t go in search of food to fulfill your cravings.

A study shows that protein can decrease your cravings by 50%, which means you can consume about 400 fewer calories a day and improve your metabolism.

Adding protein to your diet can be the most effective way to lose your facial fat (23).


There are plenty of techniques available to help you lose facial fat.

All the most efficient ways to increase fat loss and slim down your face involve changing your diet.

Adding exercise to your routine and adapting some of your daily habits.

To optimize your fat burning and general health, be sure to combine these tips with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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