A Proper Warm-up: How to Perform properly?

Performing a proper warm-up, you’ll significantly reduce your chances of injury. It will make sure your muscles are prepared to deal with the heavyweights and hard work that you’re going to do. The honest truth is that in the way they warm up, 95% of gym lifters are dead wrong.

Some individuals completely avoid a warm-up, while others merely do not have any idea what they are doing.

You should not fatigue your body during this period in any manner. The whole foundation of muscle building is to raise as much weight as necessary for as many reps as necessary.

That’s why it’s totally essential that when the hypertrophy stage arrives, your muscles are at 100% strength. If you think you’re getting even mildly tired or you’re draining your body’s power, you’ve got to ease it and take things a little slower.

In reality, most individuals are warming up in such a way that they effectively lower the quality of their workouts. They avoid pushing the maximum quantity of weight they are capable of.

A Warm-Up Should Take 15 Minutes

It should take around 15 minutes to finish a proper warm-up. It’s not the most enjoyable thing in the world, but trust me when an injury takes you out of the gym for months, you’re going to wish you took those few extra minutes to warm up.

Five minutes of light cardiovascular exercise is the first element of a suitable warm-up.  This will gradually raise the temperature of your body and boost your muscles blood flow. It will also stimulate your heart and lungs and boost the synovial fluid secretion of your body to lubricate your joints and help prevent injury.

Look forward to the exercise that lies ahead of you as you perform this easy cardio warm-up. Think about the muscle group that you’re going to train and the intensity that you’re going to have to bring forward to accomplish a good muscle-building workout.

Since you already understand how much weight you will need to use for each exercise. It will be simple for you to visualize the entire activity taking place and generate a clear mental image of yourself performing each lift effectively.

It’s very essential to prepare your mind and body as your mental attitude plays such a crucial part in your workout achievement. If you’re not willing to work out mentally, your performance will surely suffer.

Make sure that your mind is psyched and ready for battle as you complete your 5 minutes of light cardio. Get rid of all negative thoughts and fears about thework to come if you feel tired.

The Final Thought:

The first element of any effective exercise is a strong warm-up. It is imperative that you prepare your mind and body before you move into the hypertrophy phase and perform your muscle-building sets.

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