Bulletproof Coffee Disadvantages and Danger

Bulletproof coffee is a high-fat beverage designed to substitute breakfast. People who adopt a ketogenic diet are familiar with it. However, bulletproof coffee was first introduced by Dave Asprey. The coffee that Asprey’s business produces is free of mycotoxins. Although sometimes drinking bulletproof coffee is harmless, making it a routine is not an excellent idea. In this article, you will learn about bulletproof coffee disadvantages and danger.

High in Saturated Fat

The safety of saturated fat is controversial. Many wellness experts think heavy consumption of bulletproof coffee may increase the risks of disease. Some studies combine a heavy consumption of saturated fat with an enhanced danger of heart disease. Most formal dietary guidelines and wellness officials recommend individuals to restrict their saturated fat consumption. Although saturated fat may have some benefits when eaten in moderate quantities. Huge doses may be dangerous and may increase the risk of heart disease. If you are concerned about saturated fat or high LDL cholesterol levels, consider cutting or reducing your consumption of bulletproof coffee. (1)

Many health experts believe that excessive intake of bulletproof may raise the risk of heart disease. Consider limiting or reducing your consumption of bulletproof coffee if you think saturated fat is bad for you.

Increases LDL bad Cholesterol

The experts have performed many studies on ketogenic diets that are often high in fat. However, most of these studies reveal that high-fat diets do not raise your LDL levels and may even increase HDL (good) cholesterol levels. But not all respond to a high-fat diet in the same manner. Some individuals saw a significant increase in both HDL (good) and LDL (bad) cholesterol. However, an increase in both cholesterol is still a risk factor of heart disease. There are many kinds of fat, such as monounsaturated, saturated, polyunsaturated, Omega-3, Omega-6, and many others. Those with cholesterol concerns should avoid bulletproof coffee. However, you still have good fat to add to your ketogenic diet. (2)

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High-fat meals do not raise LDL cholesterol and may even raise HDL cholesterol levels. Those who are concerned about their cholesterol levels should limit their intake of saturated fat. You do, however, have healthy fat to add to your ketogenic diet.

Low in Nutrients

Asprey recommends bulletproof coffee every morning. The fat in Asprey’s coffee slows down digestion, reduces hunger, and giving you the energy while many other essential nutrients are missing. You are exchanging a nutritious meal with a poor replacement. MCT oil is a processed fat with no essential nutrients, although grass-fed butter includes some CLA, butyrate, and vitamin A and K2. If you consume three meals a day, it is probable that switching your breakfast with bulletproof coffee will decrease your complete intake of nutrients by one quarter and may lead to a nutrient deficiency.

MCT oil is a refined fat that lacks essential nutrients. If you eat three meals a day, switching to Bulletproof for breakfast will probably reduce your total nutritional intake by one-quarter.


If you like to try bulletproof coffee, it may be important to check your blood markers with your health care provider. Many studies link a high saturated fat intake to an increased risk of heart disease. While coffee slows digestion, reduces hunger, and provides energy, but it is lacking in many vital nutrients. Consider decreasing your use of bulletproof coffee if you have high LDL cholesterol levels.

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