Resting Between Sets: Muscle Building Workout

Resting Between Sets

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Only play your next set of muscle building when you feel 100% recovered from the earlier set. Some people suggest resting between sets should be 2-3 minutes, some use 4-5 minutes. One study shows that longer rest between sets can enhance muscle strength (1).

However, the drawback of the brief rest is that you will be not able to save enough energy, or the weights you can lift will be not enough heavy to help you build muscles.

3 Minutes Resting

You are in the gym to move as much weight as possible for as much reps as you can. There is no way to divide an absolute time between sets to rest. Sure, having a fixed 3 minutes time between sets provides the workout more organized and guarantees you can finish all of your exercises in the targeted time frame, but that’s not the best way to make you’re putting 100% effort into each set.

Some sets will use more energy and force you to rest longer, while others will not have an impact. It all relies on what exercise you do, how much weight you move, and how you feel on any specific day. The key is to listen to your body and perform your next set only if you feel you have recovered from the previous set. Therefore, can execute the set with 100% intensity and strength.

You may rest for 3 minutes or even rest for 6 to 7 minutes at other times. Because your workout should not last longer than 60 minutes, including 15 minutes warm-up. It’s important that you always watch the clock to make sure you don’t rest longer than you need.

The Bottom Line

You need to move around the gym enough to allow maximum rest between sets. While still completing your workout in less than 45 minutes is important.

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