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Stretching Before A Workout: Is It Necessary?

Some studies have shown that stretching your muscles before your muscle-building workout can increase your chances of injury and reduce your energy (1).

The aim of muscle building is to lift as much weight as you can in a specified range of reps, so you can see why you want your energy at peak before you pick up the bar.

In other aerobic exercises, stretching before an exercise is useful, but stretching in bodybuilding should be after a workout. An adequate heating should comprise light cardiovascular exercise, followed by progressive resistance training.

This is the most efficient and effective way to prepare your body for coming into work and will do the best to keep you free from injury.

Stretching After A Workout

In bodybuilding, stretching after a workout is important. You gain both physiological and psychological effects when you stretch after a workout. Before you stretch, your muscles should be hot. Before a workout, do a warm-up simulating the movements you will warm up and prepare your body. Stretch when your muscles are already hot after you complete the workout.

It is a simple-to-follow method to warm up efficiently and effectively before you start your muscle-building sets. Don’t underestimate this procedure’s importance! It is highly essential and will not only reduce your chance of injury but also maximize the weight you can lift. A warm-up should take only 15 minutes to finish. You can move straight into your workout’s major segment.

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Bottom Line

There is some evidence to suggest that frequent static stretching during exercise will improve strength and speed and minimize injury. The best time to stretch is that the muscles are warm. It may be during, or just after workout session.

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